J. Subić, Nataša Cecić, D. Cvijanović None
This paperwork relate to Community of Pančevo area which were insert on black list of ecological points in Republic of Serbia due to spacious endanger of natural resources. Objects of this research are water and soil as unregeneration natural resources on which exist all planet life, including state and nation and all economy of any area. With regard of living in technological prosperity period and industrialization and in that way water as natural resources recipients a huge quantity of waste water, and also exposed to another origin of pollution, problems with evaluation of water quality for irrigation get bigger in last decades. In the nature are less water of good quality with aggravation trend. Negative impact of mineral water on soil and plants lead to need for determination and evaluation of water irrigation quality. Criteria for evaluation of water quality are often local character, and distinction is understandable, because conditions between individual region are different. This paperwork include three Experimental fields on three region Community of Pančevo. Experimental fields are under greenhouses and in period form October 2006 to April 2007 will be produced vegetables lettuce, spinach, onion and radish. First experimental field will be in Glogonj village, second in Banatski Brestovac village and third experimental field belongs secondary agricultural school „Josif Pančić“ in Pančevo. In greenhouses will be introduced modern technology of production with micro sprinkling irrigation systems. Research activity during realization of this project impact of different water quality with three different areas and three different soil type on quantity and quality of produced vegetables and yield
irrigation; water quality; soil; vegetable production
Presentation: oral