Codruţa Gavrilă, Maria Palicica, Viorica Coteanu, Mădălina Creţu None
The study presents the analysis of infidelity, its causes and effects on the marital relationship; we capture those traits of personality that make a person become infidel. To do so, we take into account both the consequences of infidelity and the feelings the hurt person experiences, such as uncertainty and confusion. The total number of the subjects of this study is 80, of which 40 women and 40 men. The subjects we tested, aged 20-25 and 35-50, were selected taking into account the way they got married; we only tested one partner of each couple. Thus, of the 40 women, 20 are aged 20-25, while the other 20 are aged 35-50. The structure of the male sample was identical. There are, in the sample of men and women aged 20-25, 10 people from undergraduate families attending the course, of the Agricultural and Veterinary University of the Banat, Timişoara. After making a synthesis of the theoretical aspects, we can say that both men and women tend to become infidel. The reasons for infidelity are: the tension within the couple, indifference, ignoring the other’s wishes and desires, limiting to unpleasant talks detrimental to humorous ones, etc. Infidelity has always important consequences – sometimes even capital ones – for the infidel himself or herself, for his/her partner, and for his/her group. Such a situation shakes self-confidence and makes everybody ask himself or herself questions.
personality; traits of personality; infidel behaviour
Presentation: oral