Viorica Coteanu, Maria Palicica, Codruţa Gavrilă None
Ecological education is a form of education, which, through a system of specific activities, ensures the moulding of ecological awareness. Moulding ecological awareness in school has two main components: a cognitive one and an affective one. There have to be a good cooperation between topics in school so that each of them aids in moulding ecological awareness in children. Bringing man to the verge of respecting nature and landscape values can be done through instruction and education. Ecological education aims at guiding the student, i.e. the future citizen, to a more objective point of view over reality (whose fundament is the relationship between man – men – environment), to enhance him to participate, to become aware of the future, of the fact that the life of future generations and its quality largely depend on his options. At present, it is necessary to study ecology at school, with a view to teach the young ones – anybody else, in its debut stage –on why and how to protect nature. It is necessary that ecological education be an important part of school education and instruction.
ecological education; ecological awareness; ecological behaviour
Presentation: oral