Jean Barloy, Florin Prunar None
The study focuses on the carabidae fauna present in the superior valley Bâlea (Făgăraş Mountains) between altitudes of 1200 and 2040 m; the collections were carried out along both sides of the Transfăgărăşan road. We observed an altitudinal staging of the carabofauna apparition determined by the gradually melting snow and an activity corresponding to the environmental humidity. The altitudinal localization of the majority of species is not strict, except for a few Nebria, Pterostichus and Bembidion. In the mountains, three extreme cases of the carabid species distribution occur frequently. The catch comes either from sight hunting under stones and slabs in areas without shrubby vegetation or trees or from using Barber traps at the level of Vaccinium and Pinus mugo. The Pinus mugo zone offers favourable conditions for a temporal succession of species; on the other hand the very short activity (1 to 3 weeks) depends on the dampness persistence. The study areas can be separate in altitudinal zone towards 1700 m., Pinus mugo zone and altitude brooks under rocks. Towards a 1700 m rocky area, in the meadow or under stones, thousands of Platynus glaciale Reit. with some Calathus metallicus Dej. and Pterostichus pilosus Host abound. In the arboreal vegetation of Pinus mugo, Crysocarabus auronitens escheri Pall. and Orinocarabus linnaei macaierei Dej. are well represented. The species Pterostichus pilosus Host. is also very abundant but its population undergoes a downsizing in July caused by dampness depletion. In the altitude brooks under rocks along the streams, Nebria reichi Dej and Nebria bissenica Bielz and various Bembidion sp can be found in great numbers. In grassy meadows of the Natural Park Bâlea and on grassy slopes in the proximity of the tunnel, Calathus metallicus Dej. and various altitude Pterostichus sp. dominate. Some species, although belonging to forest populations, can be observed outside forests, a fact explained by deforestation due to pastoralism. The altitudinal distribution presents some rather strict locations but various species are found at all levels.
carabidae; Bâlea Valley; distribution; frequency
Presentation: oral