Cornelia Văduva (Grecu), Dănuţ-Ion Trava, Andreea Fâc None
We chose for research two parks, People's Park and Park of Roses, as they are located in the center of Timisoara, in an area with a heavily anthropic character, they have in the vicinity very circulated arteries, including tram lines and thus can be regarded as a barometer of the adaptability of birds to urban environment. The purpose of the paper is to present the best adapted species to urban environment of Timisoara. Status of research in the field of bird species diversity in urban areas is currently produced on an international level and on national level is in an early stage. The investigation method applied is based on the routes method (Ferry and Forchot, 1958), improved by Prof. Univ. PhD. Biol. Dan STĂNESCU, by including in the calculation of threshold values of the dominant three indices, besides assessing the participation percentage, kilometric abundance index (IKA), biomass, metabolic index. Park of Roses is located in the northern  side of Bega river, it is bordered by Rose Street,  Michelangelo Avenue and the tennis land of the sport base. The area is 35 790 sqm. People's Park, the oldest park in the city, is bordered in the northern side  by  3 August Street,  in the southern side by  Pestalozzi Street and  in the  eastern side by Vasile Parvan Avenue. Park’ s  area is 25 170 sqm. From observations, there are present 20 species of birds, with few exceptions, typical to seasons. The degrees of dominance vary from one park to another, depending on the vegetation, especially the wood vegetation in the park, the joining of  transportation arteries  etc. The most adapted are found to be 4 species (Streptopelia decaocto - ring doves, Turdus merula - blackbird, Corvus frugilegus - rook , Columba livia domesticus - pigeon. More than one quarter are anthropophile species (Passer montanus - Tree Sparrow, P. domesticus - House Sparrow, Corvus frugilegus - Rook, C. monedula - jackdaw, Streptopelia decaocto - ring doves and Pica pica - magpie ). They are mentioned in different literature as well adapted species to the tumultuous life of the city and very inventive when environmental conditions change.  The work is original and the results obtained are important  for diversity conservation of bird species in urban environment.
birds; park; dominance; urban environment; Timisoara
Presentation: oral