Eva Maria Fiţ, Maria Claudia Hangan None
Potato is a current permanent issue, it is an essential factor to ensure food of the humanity, feeding the animals and industrial processing Because it forms an abundant vegetative mass and a high quantity of tubers per unit area, potato plant is a great consumer of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. The export of mineral elements from soil by crops is very high which causes rapid poorness of soil. is necessary a appropriate fertilization to prevent this phenomenon. The potatoes yielding occurs with a high consumption of nutrients, although consumption does not increase proportionally the crop production are obtained. a rational fertilization are obtained increases production from 30 to 70% and significant effect on the development quality of tubers production. The differential fertilization in the experimental field, from Avram Iancu place, Alba district, on the Districambosol soil the following fertilization treatments were applied: first possibility is considered as the control where no fertilization was made, the other treatments: N40P40K40, N80P80K80, N120P120K120, manure 20t/ha, manure 20t/ha + N40P40K40, manure 20t/ha + N80P80K80, manure 20t/ha + N120P120K120, leaf fertilizer + N40P40K40, leaf fertilizer + N80P80K80, leaf fertilizer + N120P120K120, leaf fertilizer + manure 20t/ha.  Districambosol soil is an acid brown soil on shale hort crystalline clayey, affecting sustainable production capacity. The mandatory premise to increase yields per hectare is the cultivation of species and varieties of plants with high production capacity and optimization of agrochemical soil characteristics progressively by works and fertilization. By optimizing soil agrochemical is following maxim satisfaction in higher plants growing requirements as compared to plants growing in soil reaction and the presence of nutrients in certain concentrations and proportions between them. Some authors specifies that yield development growth with increasing dose of nitrogen and organic fertilizer, in our case the potato production increases in case of variety Desiree: N80P80K80 + leaf fertilizer, leaf fertilizer + N120P120K120 and to potato production increases variety Ostara the treatments are: N120P120K120, leaf fertilizer + N120P120K120.
potato; differential fertilization; production
Presentation: oral