Anca Nicoleta Albu, Marius Lungu, Liliana Panaitescu None
The position of the Dobrogea Plateau in the south-east of Romania and in the close vicinity of Black Sea accounts for its top continental climate in Romania. The climatic changes which determined within the latest years the intensification of extreme phenomenon, who has an unfavourable influence on the planted or spontaneous vegetation. To reduce and prevent these phenomena have planted a series of experimental protective forest belt near Mangalia, observing a series of advantages in terms of protection and evolution of cultivated plants. Experimental network in Mangalia contains a 20 number of protective forest belts, aged 5 to 10 years, of which 15 consist of mixtures of locust and 5 acacia. Curtains of mixed species differ both as age, height, width and planting scheme, and hence their penetrability is different. Measurements were made with anemomete and portable vane, in June, July, August, which were taken into account during the growing season and the angle that the wind made him the veil of protection from which direction it was blowing at the time making observations.Research has shown that wind speed is reduced so before curtain (the wind) and the forest behind the curtain and the reduction of wind speed value is a function of density veil, its penetrability and height of trees. The same veil of wind acting differently in a year, depending on seasons. Thus, trees and shrubs, summer, the leaf had a much lower penetration compared to the months of autumn and early primăvarii when leafless. Network protection act and the microclimatic conditions in winter, by keeping snow and spring, summer and autumn plants by reducing evapotranspirations. At the same time, installing curtains forest is a prerequisite for growth forest. Network of forest belts will actually be a basis for a possible extension of forest in such dry areas that prove to be less favorable and profitable for agricultural use.
forest curtains; evapotranspiration; wind speed
Presentation: oral