Adrian Meca, Mircea Bădescu None
Currently, germinating bed soil works, in summer-autumn, on plugging fields is executed, mostly, with  light or medium-sized disc harrows in combination with  tractors of 65 HP, with specialized combines or  heavy harrows from abroad, working with high power tractors. To prepare  the germinating bed with light  or medium-sized disc harrows means  big quantity of fuel consumption, increasing period of agricultural works, low productivity and an inadequate germinating bed soil in condition of  low soil humidity. In order to integral mechanization of preparing germinating bed soil it is necessary utilization of new aggregates, of big productivity, able to execute very good quality works , the goal being  to decrease  specific energy  consumption, the mass of machinery and number of crossing to avoid   soil compaction. In these circumstances, it is necessary to design and promote a harrow with independent discs and shredding rollers(clod crusher), that works in combination with high-power tractors, designed to help at stubble-cleaning works and preparing germinating bed soil on recently ploughing fields where summer-autumn crops  are set. Researches that were effectuated last years are on the line of sustainable agriculture  systems, having established as primary objective, the promotion of agricultural tillage equipment that have as effect to  grow the  productivity, to execute optimal tillage works, to  contribute to obtaining big quantity and the best quality of agricultural production, with low fuel consumption and low cost price. Taking into account   that  fields set  with  summer-autumn crops   means a significant percent of country area (40%), recently, the  soil works  are executed by  harrows in combination with  high-powered tractors, according with  the benefits they confer( good productivity and low fuel consumption). The new technology includes soil works of stubble-cleaning and germinating bed preparing on recently plugging fields or on non ploughing fields where summer-autumn crops are set; it could be apply to a quality level corresponding to agriculture requirements at a low cost price and with low power consumption, by promoting a new technical equipment „independent disc harrow”, GD-4, working with wheeled tractors of 120-220 HP. The independent disc harrow GD-4, performs working depths of 6-8 cm during stubble-cleaning works and of 10-14 cm during germinating bed soil preparing, on the recently ploughing fields or on the non ploughing fields, working width being of about 4 m and working capacity of 2.9 -3.0 ha/h.
tillage equipment; disc harrows; soil preparing
Presentation: oral