Radu BERTICI, Mihai HERBEI, Silvica ONCIA, Cosmin POPESCU, Laura SUMULEAC None
The analyzed projections from this paper are cartographical projections of great importance in practice, solving cartographical problems regarding map drawing based on practical needs. These are the ones referring to terrain surfaces that will be represented, to the accuracy that must be obtained, as well as the ways to accomplish favorable and precise links with other kinds of cartographical projections. The maps in Mercator projection have a great importance in maritime and air navigation, due to the fact that it is a conform projection and the cartographic network formed in perpendicular lines, the loxodrome will be a straight line. The same line makes with each projection of the meridians the same azimuth. The UTM system that uses the Mercator projection can be used all over the world having the advantage that it reduces the errors of representation in plan due to introducing a scale factor that makes that the linear distortions from the margin of the spindle projected in plan to reduce to half. In this projection it is impossible to represent whole surface of the earth on the same plan, the projection being made on different plans, each of them along one meridian called center meridian. The UTM projection is used especially in military activities.
Mercator, UTM, map projections, distorsion
Presentation: oral