. TEICU1, A. ȘMULEAC 1, Laura ȘMULEAC1 1University of Life Sciences ”King Mihai I” from Timisoara, 300645, 119, Calea Aradului, Timisoara, Romania
This research aims to achieve the general cadaster with the help of modern data acquisition techniques and technologies, within the area of UAT Zavoi, where sector 25 is presented in this paper. The area of UAT is 39129 ha and consists of 83 sectors, and for the present work, the area studied is 19 ha and comprises 110 real estates. The cadaster is the unitary technical ensemble, essential for the technical, economic and legal situation, on a set of real estates, on a UAT (territorial administrative units), which is identified by a unique cadastral number and is registered in a land register, together constituting a cadastral register of real estate. Planimetric measurement were made with the total station Leica TS06 and the GNSS equipment Leica GS16. The ortho-photoplane corresponding to the studied area and the 3D model of the land was made with the help of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology, WingtraOne generation II drone and aerial image processing were carried out with the help of the Pix4D program. Recently, in addition to drones dedicated to photogrammetry, drones have also emerged capable of using LIDAR devices that can create high accuracy point clouds. To acquire ground point clouds, the research also used mobile MMS (Mobile Mapping System) backpack scanning equipment, which contains a reality capture sensor platform. 5x4 megapixel cameras are installed for the best possible image coverage. Captured georeferenced images are combined and used to navigate and color the dot cloud. The visualization and alignment of the points clouds was achieved with the help of Pegasus Manager and the data processing and obtaining information related to constructions, roads, bridges, property limits and other elements of detail was carried out with the Cyclone program.
UAV, Land Survey, Ortho-photoplane, GPS, Cadastre
geodesy engineering
Presentation: poster