Floarea Maria BREBU, Alina Corina BĂLĂ None
Strong economy has resulted in the construction of imposing constructions. Many of special buildings (cooling towers, dams, nuclear, etc.) require special attention in terms of data quality service without danger, through time, monitoring the movements and deformations of buildings or their components. In the context of urban development registered in Romania over the past 10 years, with the realisation of some of power construction as volume and design, we can affirm the great importance that it is necessary to done at the track of the behaviour in time of these buildings. Through continuous collaboration of the engineering branches of, the construction activity it is correlated and completed  very often completed with the adoption and application of some geodetic methods and technologies that are coming to record, to process and to represent the behaviour of the buildings subject to different perturbation factors. The progresses made in the last years in geodesy and topography fields  have seen a giant step by implementing modern surveying technology and surveying methods adapted in the civil engineering at the  to track of the behaviour in time some objectives importance . Engineering structures (such as dams, bridges, high rise buildings, etc.) are subject to deformation due to factors such as changes of ground water level, tidal phenomena, tectonic phenomena, etc. Cost is more than offset by savings and by improvements in safety both during and after constructions. As a result, the design, execution and analysis of such surveys are a matter of considerable practical importance. Deformation refers to the changes of a deformable body (natural or man-made objects) undergoes in its shapes, dimension and position. Therefore it is important to measure this movements for the purpose of safety assessment and as well as preventing any disaster in the future. The advantage of a real prognosis determination is the fact that in time the investments in these types of areas can be made on time and with maximum efficiency. Practice has demonstrated that by using 3D modeling and the analysis of the movements of the areas located in mining areas, the experts in the field have better tools to perform a good prognosis in time and a good monitoring in time of the techniques used for land protection and for the protection of the existing constructions in the affected areas
monitoring, construction, 3D modeling, leveling, movement, deformation, laser scanning
Presentation: oral